Kate Daniels and Few Other Series by Ilona andrews Series (Available in ePub/Mobi and PDF formats)

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Ilona Andrews is a husband-wife writer pair who are well known American writers and have written many noted novel series in their career. Ilona Andrews actually stands for Ilona Gordon and her husband Andrews Gordon. Ilona Gordon uses the name Ilona Andrews as a pen name for writing all her novels. Her husband Andrew served in the U.S Army as a communications sergeant. He was a top intelligence officer and was very qualified. But he resigned after a few years of service to help Ilona establish herself as a novelist. Ilona generally writes urban fantasy novels and is helped by her husband most of the times. The pair is has been top rated in the New York Times Bestselling Authors list for a number of times and are still holding the top position for their recent novel named ‘Magic Rises’. Ilona basically belongs from Russia and moved to the United States when she was sixteen years old. She met her future husband Andrew Gordon while she was studying in West Carolina University in United States. She began writing novels as a hobby after graduating in biochemistry. But, it was her husband who actually supported her to write professionally and even helped her to submit her first novel.