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Iris Johansen collection:

Catherine Ling series:
01. Chasing The Night
02. What Doesn't Kill You

Donovan Enterprises series:
01. Stormy Vows
02. Tempest at Sea

Eve Duncan series:
01. The Face of Deception
02. The Killing Game
03. The Search
04 (1). Body of Lies
04 (2). Dead Aim
05. Blind Alley
06. Countdown
07. Stalemate
08. Quicksand
09. Blood Game
10. Eight Days to Live
11. Chasing the Night
12. Eve
13. Quinn
14. Bonnie
15. Sleep No More
16. Taking Eve
17. Hunting Eve
18. Silencing Eve

Kendra Michaels series:
01. With Eyes Open
02. Close Your Eyes

Lion's Bride series:
01. Lion's Bride
02. The Treasure

Reluctant Lark series:
01. The Reluctant Lark
02. The Bronzed Hawk

Santa Flores series:
01. Return to Santa Flores
02. No Red Roses

Sedikhan series:
01. The Golden Barbarian
02. The Golden Valkyrie
03. The Trustworthy Redhead
04. Capture the Rainbow
05. Touch the Horizon
06. A Summer Smile
07. And the Desert Blooms
08. Always
09. Everlasting
10. Til the End of Time
11. Last Bridge Home
12. Across the River of Yesterday
13. Star Light, Star Bright
14. Man From Half Moon Bay
15. Blue Skies and Shining Promises
16. Magnificent Folly
17. Notorious
18. A Though Man to Tame

Wind Dancer series:
01. The Wind Dancer
02. Storm Winds
03. Reap The Wind
04. Final Target

An Unexpected Song
And Then You Die
Beyond Belief
Blue Velvet
Dark Rider
Dark Summer
Fatal Tide
Golden Flames
Killer Dreams
Long After Midnight
Matilda, the Adventuress
Midnight Warrior
No One to Trust
On the Run
One Touch of Topaz
Pandora's Daughter
Satin Ice
Shadow Zone
Silent Thunder
Star-Spangled Bride
Storm Cycle
Strong, Hot Winds
Tender Savage
The Beloved Scoundrel
The Delaney Christmas Carol
The Forever Dream
The Lady and the Unicorn
The Magnificent Rogue
The Spellbinder
The Tiger Prince
The Ugly Duckling
This Fierce Splendor
White Satin
Wicked Jake Darcy
Winter Bride